The Impact Of The E Cig

Whoever thought that a small electronic device would rock the world of the tobacco cigarette, but that is just what seems to be happening. The electronic cigarette, or the E cig is a device that has a container within it that holds a glycol liquid. A battery operated atomizer heats the glocol liquid causing to to turn into a vapor that looks like and acts like cigarette smoke. You can inhale it and exhale it, just as though it was a real cigarette.


Actually it is just glorified water vapor, which is harmless. The action of inhaling triggers the atomizer to create the smoke, and a little light on the end of the e cig makes it look like an ash burning there.

Actual tobacco smoke contains over 200 different chemicals that have been proven to contain cancer causing materials in addition to cyanide and arsenic. How is that for your poison for the day. In addition to that, tobacco smoke coats the inside of a person’s lungs with a tar that kills the little alveoli sacs that transfers oxygen from the lungs to the blood. Guess what? No alveoli sacs, no breathing. That is what actually causes COPD, and then death.

The e cigs have a way to provide different flavors for the vapor, so that a variety of experiences can be had from the various flavorings that are available. Everything from fruit flavors, tobacco, mint, peppermint and even chocolate and peanut butter are just some of the flavorings that can be attached to the e cigs. Plus it is safe, so that is a big selling point.

Actual nicotine can be put into the e cigs, so if a person wanted to switch just to get off of the tobacco smoke, a switch could be made without losing the nicotine hit that a smoker so looks forward to.

This is one of the reasons a tobacco smoker can switch to e cigs so easily because the nicotine function of smoking is not necessarily a part of the smoking experience that has to be given up right away to switch. Of course the nicotine can also be gradually pared down as time passes too.

The habit of smoking is largely perpetuated by the addiction to nicotine, which is said to be one of the most addictive substances that there is. But, a tobacco smoker can experience a similar nicotine experience with an e cig.

Are e cigarettes making a dent into the already huge tobacco industry? Well, it really is to some degree. Tobacco giant Lolliard recently purchased Blu E Cigs, one of the first electronic cigarette brands, and RJ Reynolds has come out with its own brand of e cigs.

The tobacco industry already has a very strong system of distribution set up with warehouses and wholesalers, and it would be a simple thing for them to just ad e cigarettes to their mix.

Time will tell whether or not the e cigs are really making that much of a dent. E cigs have made a good start, but it remains to be seen just how their momentum will last beyond this point.

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