Why E-Cigarettes Are The Better Choice

Within this past couple of years, e-cigarettes have grown very popular. There are many reasons for this rise of popularity. If you don’t know much about e-cigarettes and want to know what the craze is all about, read the following piece.


The fact that e-cigarettes don’t cause health problems is one reason why they are so popular. Traditional cigarettes contain a number of ingredients that could be killing you slowly, such as carbon monoxide and tobacco. On the other hand, e-cigarettes are made from the best e-liquid in the UK, making them much safer than regular cigarettes.

Lack of smell is another reason why e-cigarettes are the better choice. Let’s face it, smoking a regular cigarettes leaves a scent in your hair, on your clothing, and in any room in which you smoke. This smell gets old very quickly and may disgust others around you. There is no scent in an electronic cigarette, meaning you can smoke it anywhere and not have to worry about leaving behind a nasty stench.

The price of electronic cigarettes makes them so desirable. Depending on which state you live in, you could end up paying as much as £8-10 a pack. On the other hand, e-cigarettes are much more affordable. It is true that the price varies with e-cigarettes, but no matter which brand you choose, replacing a “pack” of e-cigarettes will cost you half the price of what traditional cigarettes will cost you. You will be surprised at how much this can add up to.

Variety is another great thing about electronic cigarettes. Of course, you can choose between menthol or non-menthol. But, there is even more choices when it comes to flavor. Some brands offer dozens of flavors including vanilla, cherry, and chocolate! So, not only will you be curbing your desire for a cigarette, but you also get a tasty treat for them. Who knows, maybe satisfying these urges can even help you stop eating unhealthy.

E-cigarettes pose less of a danger than a traditional cigarette does. Think about it; if an ash falls off your cigarette and it is still lit up, you could end up setting something on fire. On the other hand, an e-cigarette does not produce any ash and does not need to be lit up in order to be smoked. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of danger.

Since electronic cigarettes do not cause secondhand smoke, you are able to smoke them in most public places. While traditional smoking is no banned in public establishments, e-cigarettes are not. Therefore, you can smoke them pretty much wherever you go. You no longer have to worry about stepping out for a cigarette at a bar of restaurant.

Now that you have finished reading this article, you can see why e-cigarettes are the better choice. If you smoke and would like to quit, e-cigarettes may be the answer for you. Give it a try and you will probably never trust a traditional cigarette again.

The Impact Of The E Cig

Whoever thought that a small electronic device would rock the world of the tobacco cigarette, but that is just what seems to be happening. The electronic cigarette, or the E cig is a device that has a container within it that holds a glycol liquid. A battery operated atomizer heats the glocol liquid causing to to turn into a vapor that looks like and acts like cigarette smoke. You can inhale it and exhale it, just as though it was a real cigarette.


Actually it is just glorified water vapor, which is harmless. The action of inhaling triggers the atomizer to create the smoke, and a little light on the end of the e cig makes it look like an ash burning there.

Actual tobacco smoke contains over 200 different chemicals that have been proven to contain cancer causing materials in addition to cyanide and arsenic. How is that for your poison for the day. In addition to that, tobacco smoke coats the inside of a person’s lungs with a tar that kills the little alveoli sacs that transfers oxygen from the lungs to the blood. Guess what? No alveoli sacs, no breathing. That is what actually causes COPD, and then death.

The e cigs have a way to provide different flavors for the vapor, so that a variety of experiences can be had from the various flavorings that are available. Everything from fruit flavors, tobacco, mint, peppermint and even chocolate and peanut butter are just some of the flavorings that can be attached to the e cigs. Plus it is safe, so that is a big selling point.

Actual nicotine can be put into the e cigs, so if a person wanted to switch just to get off of the tobacco smoke, a switch could be made without losing the nicotine hit that a smoker so looks forward to.

This is one of the reasons a tobacco smoker can switch to e cigs so easily because the nicotine function of smoking is not necessarily a part of the smoking experience that has to be given up right away to switch. Of course the nicotine can also be gradually pared down as time passes too.

The habit of smoking is largely perpetuated by the addiction to nicotine, which is said to be one of the most addictive substances that there is. But, a tobacco smoker can experience a similar nicotine experience with an e cig.

Are e cigarettes making a dent into the already huge tobacco industry? Well, it really is to some degree. Tobacco giant Lolliard recently purchased Blu E Cigs, one of the first electronic cigarette brands, and RJ Reynolds has come out with its own brand of e cigs.

The tobacco industry already has a very strong system of distribution set up with warehouses and wholesalers, and it would be a simple thing for them to just ad e cigarettes to their mix.

Time will tell whether or not the e cigs are really making that much of a dent. E cigs have made a good start, but it remains to be seen just how their momentum will last beyond this point.

All You Need To Know About E Cig Starter Kits

There are numerous electronic cigarette starter kits currently available for purchase on the internet, but which e cig starter kit is the most suitable for your needs? All of the e cig starter kits come with a variety of product combinations and at different prices in order to accommodate different individuals’ needs. To help you make an informed decision on which is the most appropriate to purchase, this article offers you information on the starter kits; as well as how to make the most of your e cig starter kit.

One style of electronic cigarette starter kit is the portable carrying charger kit. This type of kit generally presents with only one electronic cigarette battery, one pack of e cig cartridges, one e cig starter kit portable carrying charger and a power line for the charger. This type of starter kit will usually support a price tag of approximately $100 dependent on the electronic cigarette manufacturer. Unfortunately, despite the convenience of the portable charger kit, this starter kit is not of great value and the feedback is often negative.

Another starter kit option is the variety pack including electronic cigarette components. This starter kit is generally a cheaply made e cig starter kit that is available in a loose package with numerous batteries, atomizers and cartridges. This starter kit is approximately $75 in price and is often purchased by the more experienced e cig smoker. A disadvantage of the variety e cig pack is that the cigarettes are not packaged properly and can often lead to breakages of the e cig components. Feedback has stated that the variety pack is not value for money.

Just as there are cheap e cig starter packs there are also the more costly options. It is seen that the more expensive starter kits are better in quality and are highly recommended if you are looking for something that is value for money. One starter kit that is more costly, but superior to others is the two e cig battery starter kit. This starter kit package includes two batteries, one short and one long, and the batteries are placed in a foam insert within the packaging. The packaging is properly structured and presents with a magnet on the box to keep the electronic cigarettes in position. The price tag on this starter kit is approximately $200 dependent on the manufacturer.

It is possible to find high quality electronic cigarette starter kit at a reasonable price; you just need to know where to look. Currently it is possible to purchase a cheap starter kit with two batteries (with a power line), one e cig atomizer and a free pack of cartridges, including a user manual. The approximate price tag for the majority of these starter kits is usually $69, dependent on the manufacturer and electronic cigarette brand.

In conclusion, quitting smoking can be a very challenging task; however, by purchasing the most effective e cig starter kit can assist in overcoming the stopping smoking obstacle.

Finding The Best Electronic Cigarettes

best e-cigsElectronic cigarettes have been around for a little while now. Smokers are finding that this is a really good alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. It is a healthier way to smoke because there is no burning of tobacco or combustion involved. The smoker gets a cleaner smoke, and the environment is less polluted with second-hand smoke. There are many vendors for e-cigs, and people have their personal favorites. There are some basic things to consider if you want to find the best electronic cigarettes on the market.

A lot of people like e-cigs because they can get cartridges in many delicious flavors, like a fresh mint or a fruity flavor, to name a couple. This enhances the enjoyment of the e-cigs. You can have a certain flavor in the morning and another flavor after dinner. Find a brand that offers a wide variety of flavors so you can get the flavors that you like.

The device itself should be easy to use. Is the unit convenient to fill? When you hold the e-cig in your hand, how does it feel? People who have been smoking traditional cigarettes for a while want an e-cig that will simulate their smoking experience as closely as possible. Does the e-cig feel natural when you are holding it?

The best electronic cigarette brand should also offer liquids in various concentration of nicotine. If you are trying to cut back your nicotine intake, you can gradually transition to a liquid with a lower concentration of nicotine, until you do not even notice that you are no longer dependent on nicotine. What is great about this is that you are making a gradual change to allow your body to adjust the lower nicotine level. The reduction in nicotine will not cause you any undue stress. Many smokers were able to successfully transition to nicotine-free e-cigs. Just be sure that the brand you are buying offers these lower nicotine options.

Are the refills easy to purchase? Buying them should be convenient and easy to do. Sometimes you can even find a special deal from the manufacturer or the seller.

Don’t forget to read reviews in your search for the best electronic cigarettes. See which brand consistently earned high marks from its user base. No brand is perfect, but from the comments, you can tell which ones are the industry leaders.

Take your time in searching the best e-cigs. Only you can tell which brand is the perfect one for you.

A Review Of The CloudCig Electronic Cigarette

CLOUDCIGREVIEWIn recent years numerous brands of electronic cigarettes have found their way onto the market. However, it would be financially unwise to try and test all of the brands because of the cost of the starter packs. If you are looking at the different types of e-cigarettes it may be advised to consider some of the more popular brands, with CloudCig being a very well-known name. CloudCig claims to have the richest flavors on the market, but there are other factors to note before purchasing a CloudCig e cig.

1. The Starter Pack

The first point that you need to consider when you look electronic cigarette packages is what you get in the starter pack. The starter pack is generally the most costly part of the package and you need to get value for money. There are three different types of starter kits offering different prices and components.

The first kit is “the express kit” which is marketed as the most affordable option. This express kit offers all the guarantees from the brand with 5 cartomizers, 1 battery which can be long or short, the electronic cigarette, a USB charger and a wall charger.

The second kit is “the pro kit” which is similar to the express kit; however, you will receive 10 cartomizers, 2 batteries (one long and one short), as well as a car adapter.

The third and final kit is “the love birds kit” which is two pro kits in one.

2. The E-Cigarette Flavors

A major drawing factor of electronic cigarettes is the different flavors available. CloudCig offers 8 flavors of which 3 are tobacco. The different tobacco flavors allows you to find the taste that you want and the flavor most suited to your palate.

3. The Ease of Use

New e-cigarette users must consider how easy the device is to use. CloudCig makes use of the two piece product design which is considered one of the simplest and most comfortable electronic cigarette designs. To use the device you need to screw the battery onto the cartomizer, and then you can use the device – no need for any other instructions.

There are various benefits you get from this method. The most significant is that you get a fresh atomizer with each change. This means that you do not have to worry about the atomizer getting clogged up when you refill the cartridge.

4. The Battery and Vapor

Both battery and vapor are possibly the most important aspects of any e-cigarette. The battery impacts how long you can use the device and the vapor impacts how effective the device actually is.

The CloudCig battery offers a customized design meaning you are able to stand out in a crowd while never losing your cigarette. CloudCig claim that the battery should last for approximately 400 puffs, which is the equivalent of 33 cartridges.

The CloudCig brand vapor is deemed one of the best on the market due to its high quality and smoothness. Many users feel that the vapor is the fine mist that you should be getting with all electronic cigarettes.